iphone Application Development

iphone Application Development

What We Are?

Weblounge is a growing software company that focuses on mobile technologies. We possess a unique perception of mobile and web industry ensuring us to develop solutions that gives your business an edge over your competitors.

What We Do?

Weblounge provides cost effective mobile application development services by combining exceptional technologies with an optimized agile approach. We offer a full spectrum of end-to-end services for custom-built mobile applications on iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows and Blackberry.

iPhone Application Development

iPhone is one of the most revolutionary products and is soon becoming the biggest phenomenon of our age. This popular smartphone has millions of mobile apps floating in the market transforming many lives and is opening new horizons for businesses around the world.

Weblounge is a cutting edge iPhone Application Development company providing attractive and innovative iphone apps. We offer a wide range of services such as iPhone Application Development, iPhone Game Development, iPhone Software Development, iPhone Widget development, Graphics and Website Development compatible with iPhone, iPhone theme, mock, icon design iPhone social networking, iPhone Application Porting, iPhone Application Testing, third party device integration and many more. Weblounge is reputed for developing iPhone applications that suit your budget and business requirements. But most of all our iPhone Applications are:

  • Highly precise, interactive and user friendly.
  • Equipped with latest 2D & 3D graphics and animations
  • Comprehensively tested and debugged at every stage of development
  • Compatible with latest iPhone technology.

At Weblounge we have a right mix of skill, experience and technical expertise for iPhone application development. Solid expertise and detailed understanding of iOs platform help our developers in delivering fabulous iphone apps. Our developers maintain the complexity of iphone development behind simple interfaces and stunning designs. Our established libraries of iOS software modules and framework enable us to expedite the development process, which in turn allow us to build applications with optimum performance and stability.

Our iPhone developers are highly competent in developing applications using the iPhone SDK platform. We have the aptitude and attitude to deliver customized iPhone apps that explore unlimited possibilities. The range of tools and technologies we use are:

Tools : Xcode, Coreplot, Quartz2D

Technologies : SDK 2.X, 3.X, 4.x, Cocoa Touch

Language : Swift, Objective C, OpenGL ES

Database : sqlite, mysql

We offer innovative app solutions to our clients, some of the categories are
  1. Business and Finance
  2. Entertainment
  3. Games
  4. News
  5. Weather
  6. Education
  7. Travel and Tourism
  8. GPS
  9. Personal Utility Tools
  10. Social Networking
  11. m-Commerce and many more.

iPhone Game Development

iPhone has revolutionized the landscape of next generation mobile gaming. In just a few years mobile gaming has literally exploded into a multi-million dollar industry thanks to iPhone. The volatile craze of iphone games is fuelling the growth of iPhone game development industry in India.

Weblounge has the attitude to deliver mind blowing blockbuster games with futuristic technologies and witness the game revolution in the coming years. Weblounge has an enchanting group of talented iphone game developers and the latest mobile games development infrastructure which will provide you with an amazing gaming experience. Our team of game developers and game designers are experienced in using various iPhone applications and game development tools like Cocoa, OpenGL, Applescript, Core Graphics, Objective C, Core Imaging, Core Video, Core Audio, Core animation and the iPhone SDK in order to create comprehensive iPhone game apps. We have also perfected the latest iPhone technologies like Multi-touch interface, accelerometer, GPS address book to create games with attractive graphics and visuals.

Our iPhone Game Development process includes
  • Understanding the game concept and consequently designing a mockup
  • Designing early graphics like Icons, BG, etc.
  • Designing the desired background
  • Changing or upgrading the graphics according to the game requirements and game environment
  • Making the game comprehensive and attractive
  • Testing, Debugging, Bug Fixing and support
  • Finalize development
  • Submitting to a number of App Stores.

Our team of creative and talented game developers and game designers believe in developing rich quality game applications with a unique identity for our clients. We are highly proficient in developing iPhone games like action & shooting games, sports and racing games, MMO and role playing games, board, puzzle and arcade games, educational games, action & adventure games, dice games and kids' games.

Advantages of choosing Weblounge are
  • One Stop solution for intuitive iphone game development.
  • We provide competitive pricing which is not only cost-effective but also within your budget
  • On-time delivery along with hassle free communication
  • Active support even after project delivery
  • Absolute source code security with non-disclosure agreement.

We are passionate about game development and always open to take up challenging projects. Drop us an inquiry to get a free quote.

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