Mobile has become a true mass medium that has been growing for years now. Mobile apps today empower people to call the shots. Armed with apps they have the means to make decisions, create and customize mobile experiences, conduct commerce and business, and bridge the digital and physical worlds around them.

Some of the main things to consider while evaluating your business strategy from a mobile perspective are as follows:

1. What to consider when developing a mobile app?
Global demand for apps continues to exceed analyst expectations. Turning your app into serious business, or architecting an app to achieve sustained market presence from your product or service requires you to know your audience, understand your market, and plan for success. For this you do not have to be a developer to get in to the action. The app ecosystem is quickly evolving to accommodate people who are not just programmers. The growing availability of easy-to-use programming tools, and the advance of cloud-based support and distribution are making it possible for anyone, anywhere to build an app.

2. Which format best fits your need and budget?
An app may be overkill. In some cases, a mobile-optimized website will do the job just fine. It is important to know your audience, mobile devices are fiercely personal and people expect customized experiences. Studying your target market and finding the best mobile fit for your product will enable you to wield more success and popularity. Think big and be useful. Apps serve people, so the focus should be on utility and not novelty. If you are planning to establish your mobile presence in market it is important to define your goals first. If your aim is to deliver mobile content and establish a broad mobile presence that can be easily shared between users and found on search engines, then a mobile website is the logical choice. On the other hand, if your goal is interactive engagement with users, or to provide an application that needs to work more like a computer program than a website, then an app is probably going to be required.

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